Dressing up the Disks.

I’m over-paranoid about losing my photos (my portable hard drive is the first thing I’ll grab if the house’s on fire), so I’m forever backing them up.  I have heaps of data CDs and DVDs lying around.  Not feeling content with just putting them in boring CD cases I find on the market, I decided to use some of my paper stash to dress them up, and made cases to protect them from being scratched.

Covered CDs (1)

Materials include double-sided paper and tape. Tools include compass, pencil, scissors and circle cutter.

Covered CDs (2)

I imagined how the case would look like and drew it on scrap paper.  I assembled it, was happy with the result and made a template out of cardboard, so subsequent ones only had to be copied and cut.

Covered CDs (3)

Covering the CDs was even easier.  Just measure the radii of the outer and inner circles, put double-sided tape all over the back of the piece of paper, use the circle cutter ($5 from newsagent/ stationery shop / discount shops) to cut it out, and stick down onto CD (carefully).

Covered CDs (4)

Can also be used as a gift purse.

Covered CDs (5)


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