Bonding over Earrings.

After dinner and dessert with a girlfriend I asked her over to my place to have a chat, and I ended up showing her my mountain of craft supplies (she said, “No wonder you’re broke…”).  As I was showing her my beads I offered to make her some earrings (I gave no warranty that they won’t fall apart, haha!). 

She wanted some plain black ones.  Just a simple design as I still only have limited jewellery-making skills.

Handmade earrings (1)

I suggested this design and she chose the beads, colours and lengths.

Handmade earrings (2)

And I also made some for myself.  Same as the first pair, with a red bead in the middle.

Handmade earrings (3)

Making earrings is fun!  Must do that more often.  Should get some more nice beads.  May improve my skills in the future.

Handmade earrings (4)



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