Gone Fabric-Crazy.

Nice fabric is hard to resist, but they cost so much!  I have been unable to resist the urge to purchase and collect them recently, telling myself that one day they’ll be handy for sewing projects. 

Fabrics (1)

I mostly go for quilting cottons, and they usually come in sets that coordinate with each other. They’ll be good for clothing, mini purses, fabric adornments and soft toys. 

 Fabrics (2)

I also really like heavy weight textiles and I have visions of using them for cushions and bags.

Fabrics (3)

I’ve only taken up sewing recently and as with any new interest, I dived straight into getting the materials and tools even before trying it to see if I really, really like the hobby.  But I have a good feeling that as I get more and more nanna-ish, sewing will only be more and more appealing to me.  Conclusion – permission to buy more fabric, but keep to a budget and be selective.


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