Thanks Jeanie.

This was a lovely gift from my crafty and talented friend, Jeanie.  She made this miniature wedding dress shop for me!  It’s exquisite, the lace, beads, little details and all.  It even has perfume bottles, mini mannequin and a parasol! Thanks so much I love it :)  And the inside is even more beautiful.

wedding shopfront (1)

wedding shopfront (2)

Awww this is too sweet.  Although, I wasn’t engaged to be married, and still not so a few years after receiving it… hey but one day I will!  


3 thoughts on “Thanks Jeanie.

  1. hey it looks good on photo !!! glad you like it… hehe, i thought it might speed things up a bit… apparently not… you won’t blame me of giving it too early to you i hope !!

  2. In photos it looks great, and even better in real!!!! All the details that don’t get captured by 2D photo!
    No not too early, but when the time comes you’ll be in trouble cos I’ll keep asking for your advice and opinion about stuff :D

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