Hexagonal Delight.

I’ve always been fascinated with how hexagons can fit against each other perfectly, leaving no gaps.  At school I’d doodle them in my exercise book or next to my maths equations.  I draw them mindlessly when I’m on the phone.  I also admire the lines and angles they create when placed that way.  When I learned how to make an origami hexagonal box, I knew I had to make many more.

Origami hexagon boxes (1)

This was a gift to MS back when we first started going out.  I spent hours and hours selecting, cutting and folding the papers into boxes, arranging and organising them, and for the large box I had to measure, sketch, experiment and assemble it so the boxes sit in it nicely.  Later he told me he knew I liked him a lot then because no one in the world would spend that much time and effort making something for a person she isn’t serious about.  He was right.

Origami hexagon boxes (2)

Each box carries a message scroll.  It was a bit time-consuming and fiddly for him to open each one up and put them back together again!

Origami hexagon boxes (3)

No sticky tape or glue was required for the mini boxes.  The papers were cut and folded in a way that the sides slot and hold together physically.  Same for the lids.  One end overlaps the the other and the last flap was pulled onto the top thus securing the joint.  Genius design.

Origami hexagon boxes (4)

There are actually a number of different folds/patterns I can make for the lids.  However, I thought with the busy print of the papers and the number of boxes against each other, one lid design would make it more consistent and easy on the eye as a whole.

Origami hexagon boxes (5)

Origami hexagon boxes (6)

Overall, I’m really happy with this project.  It’s one of those ones that I can’t imagine doing it again, but looking at it makes me proud of my efforts.


Origami hexagon boxes (8)

Origami hexagon boxes (7)



3 thoughts on “Hexagonal Delight.

  1. oh my god, i can’t believe how gorgeous they look! Must have taken a million hours…what a way to say “i love u” without actually saying it ;D

  2. Actually, the message scrolls are ‘i love you’ all written in different languages. I haven’t actually said it to him at the time of giving him the gift :)

    thanks for dropping by :*

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