Shaggy Watermelon.

This was made by my friend Helen, a registered dietitian in the US, given to me more than 10 years ago when we were in high school together.  I did not for one second consider not bringing it with me when I moved from the Northern to Southern Hemisphere (Hong Kong to Australia).  I smile whenever I look at it (or wedge it between my back and the sofa).

Latch hook watermelon (1)

It’s latch hooked, and made into a cushion.

Latch hook watermelon (2)

The back was soft green velvet.

Latch hook watermelon (3)

Adds texture to the home :)

Latch hook watermelon (4)

:)  She’s getting married in 2011 – she’s going to be an awesome wife (as well as being successful in her professional career)!



2 thoughts on “Shaggy Watermelon.

  1. I just realized you posted this on your blog, can’t believe you still have it =)
    I got teary-eyed……
    miss you

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