Unit Origami.

This photo is really old.  From the film camera era (revealing how ancient I am? shhhhh……).  Anyway, I made this pair of unit-origami swans for MS.  Folding numerous triangular pieces wasn’t fun, but the assembling process was!  I was surprised that I could follow the seemingly complex instructions and diagrams.  Maybe I am not totally spatially challenged (a running joke) afterall.

unit origami swans

Bad news though…not long after this photo was taken, they crumbled and now they’re just a puddle of triangular pieces…I haven’t had time to fix it up (we’re talking years here).  MS was certain they weren’t accidentally bumped into or something, but that’s up for debate…



5 thoughts on “Unit Origami.

  1. I remember those! Used to see them made out of Chinese $1 notes. Oh I cant wait to see your Malaysian travel scrapbook – pls finish by my Sept holiday lol

  2. Wow make them from notes? That’d cost a lot :) I only fold ‘shirts’ and boxes out of notes. Oh the scrapbook is progressing s-l-o-w-l-y.

    1. Hi, I don’t have it with me anymore but there are plenty of instructions on the Internet! For example I found this


      That’s for folding the units. I just searched “Unit Origami triangle” in google. You can try related terms for the assembly depending on what you want to make. Hope that helps a little bit.

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