Some Flounce, Please.

After sewing the cotton top a while ago, I was ready for a new project.  I wanted to make another top but it had to be very differernt from the one I completed before.  So I decided to make a fluid, flowy, flouncy one (once again, with professional guidance).

  • Pattern: Self drafted (with help)
  • Size made: Customised
  • Pattern pieces: 4
  • Fabric: Chiffon (100% polyester), 1m length, bought from Lincraft
  • New Techniques used: Making fabric flowers; Flouncey sleeves, Armhole binding
  • Modifications: N/A

1> Choose material

DIY Floral chiffon top (1)


2> Make/adapt pattern

DIY Floral chiffon top (2)


3> Cut fabric

DIY Floral chiffon top (3)


4> Overlock edges

DIY Floral chiffon top (4)

DIY Floral chiffon top (5)


5> Sew front and back pieces together

DIY Floral chiffon top (6)


6> Attach double-layer sleeves

DIY Floral chiffon top (7)


7> Cut then sew bias strips for neck & armhole binding, neckline and dangle ribbon

DIY Floral chiffon top (8)

DIY Floral chiffon top (9)

DIY Floral chiffon top (10)


8> I was real lazy and sealed the raw edges with a candle flame.  The sleeve in the picture above has been done this way.  Apart from being so much easier than using techniques like “double roll, fold and sew”, it produces an organic finish.

DIY Floral chiffon top (11)


9> With binding and neckline intact, plus the bottom hem finished

DIY Floral chiffon top (12)

DIY Floral chiffon top (13)


10> Time for some embellishment.  Cut and make fabric flowers

DIY Floral chiffon top (14)

DIY Floral chiffon top (15)

DIY Floral chiffon top (16)

DIY Floral chiffon top (17)

DIY Floral chiffon top (18)


11> My lovely teacher taught me this.  Stitch, pull, twist, sew.  Simple but effective.

DIY Floral chiffon top (19)


12> Finished flowers ready for use

DIY Floral chiffon top (20)


13> I chose to attach to neckline asymetrically

DIY Floral chiffon top (23)

DIY Floral chiffon top (22)


14> Finished! I only spent 2-3 hours per week so it took 2 months to complete this top.

DIY Floral chiffon top (21)


15> Side detail

DIY Floral chiffon top (25)

Note to self:

  • It would look nicer in a plain fabric, but the irregular stitching and misalignments would show.
  • The length’s too short, shoulders too narrow, neckline too high.  Soft fabrics can afford more give.  Alter that pattern next time.
  • The flounce in the sleeves look uneven, because I sewed one side inside out. Oopsie….
  • Chiffon is so difficult to cut, pin and sew! Grrrrrrr…

Anyway, it’s a whole new experience sewing this thing!

Edit – 12/7/2015: Here are some photos of the top being worn :)



5 thoughts on “Some Flounce, Please.

  1. hey sil, its lovely… are you gonna wear it to show me??? the fabric is lovely too//.. hey with this kind of fabric, wat stitch do you have to use. i find my sewing machine just doesn’t stitch? or is it just ancient…?

    1. hey jeanie thanks for checking it out :)
      Well I just use normal straight stitch with my domestic machine, and my teacher’s overlocker to overlock. It moves around alot so you can tell my seams are very wonky, and hence the choice of patterned fabric to mask the imperfections haha. What do you mean your machine doesn’t stitch? Like, it doesn’t do it properly, or it unwinds or something? When I was in the process of making this top I vowed not to use this type of fabric again…..but I might change my mind some day :D

    1. I know I should, and I have books that teach me how to, but that’d take too much time and effort for lazy me at the moment :P
      One day I promise! And perhaps by then my hip measurement will scarily increase….

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