Peacock Iridescence.

Inspired by the beautiful blue-green shades of peacock feathers, I decided to make a brooch for a friend using various materials featuring these colours.

>Two pairs of earrings:

peacock adornment (1)

>Chains, ribbons, beads, lace, pin…:

peacock adornment (2)

>Peacock pendent and suede flower:

peacock adornment (3)

>After fiddling with it for ages, with needle and hot glue marks all over my hands (ouch!).

peacock adornment (4)

>The feathers were nice but a bit fragile.

peacock adornment (5)

>Hooray the earrings, saves me from beading them from scratch.

peacock adornment (6)

>Ahhhh, this uses up 0.0001% of my bead and ribbon stash.

peacock adornment (7)

>Front detail view:

peacock adornment (10)

 Apart from using it as a brooch, maybe it can…..

>Adorn the curtains?


peacock adornment (8)

>Accessorise a bag?

peacock adornment (9)

> Wall decoration?

peacock adornment (11)

> My friend’s getting married and they’re the funniest couple I know!  Can’t wait to attend your beautiful wedding xxo


2 thoughts on “Peacock Iridescence.

  1. Silvia, you rock! You are now officially my inspiration! To craft or not to craft…? Onwards into the fray, my friends, with scissors and glue tape in hand! :)

  2. Ange!! Hope the pin is holding up. Craft! Craft all the way yay!
    YOU are my inspiration after I saw those exquisite boxes!
    And lovely invitations!

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