Oriental Grid Necklace.

I bought these colourful, gold-trimmed, oriental-inspired beads from Spotlight a while ago, and have been waiting to use them in a project that would showcase them.  With the metal grid and chains, I made this necklace.  I’m not actually sure if the grid focuses or distracts the beads.  The first thing you look at is probably the grid, but when there are spaces, you look at what’s filling them, so hopefully it directs the eye to the beads…

oriental grid necklace (1)

Detail of the beads. They are expensive but worth it. Intricate.

oriental grid necklace (2)

I used all 3 different sizes of beads in the range: Large (dangling from end-chain), medium and small (within the grid).

oriental grid necklace (3)

I also used all the colours. It’s hard to pick a favourite. My fave is probably red and navy.

oriental grid necklace (4)

Gifted to a friend and former colleague (who I observed to like big necklaces) for her promotion! Congratulations :-)


2 thoughts on “Oriental Grid Necklace.

  1. From spotlight, again :) Go when they have sales! From the line “Blue Moon”.
    I’ve been looking for a rhomboidal one, but I could only find the square.

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