Folders Be Gone.

My old uni notes have been gathering dust in the cupboard.  Time for spring clean!Clearing folders (1)

It took me a whole week to sort through them, keep the important ones, salvage plastic sleeves and paper clips…

Clearing folders (2)

One uni degree = many, many trees :( (in those days, my uni computers don’t even take USB sticks!)

Clearing folders (3)

Playing around with the (finally) empty folders.  You could tell I got really bored…

Clearing folders (4)

The fun bit?  I also rearranged my bookshelf dedicated to art/craft/scrapbooking.  There are actually more books…just not shown in this picture :P

Clearing folders (5)

It feels good to be organised.  I should stop hoarding…


3 thoughts on “Folders Be Gone.

  1. hehe, you don’t need them anymore anyway. i threw mine away long time ago… have to say i thought i had lots of folders, but you have even more !!!
    Now for your new degree

  2. I tried going electronic but still print out heaps of things as I can’t study off the computer screen (sign of ageing…)! Yes my bookshelf has reached saturation point, so something has to go…

  3. only some…. just keep books that you like, don’t worrie about study stuff. i have to say, i can’t study off the computer screen either.

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