Folders Be Gone.

My old uni notes have been gathering dust in the cupboard.  Time for spring clean!Clearing folders (1)

It took me a whole week to sort through them, keep the important ones, salvage plastic sleeves and paper clips…

Clearing folders (2)

One uni degree = many, many trees :( (in those days, my uni computers don’t even take USB sticks!)

Clearing folders (3)

Playing around with the (finally) empty folders.  You could tell I got really bored…

Clearing folders (4)

The fun bit?  I also rearranged my bookshelf dedicated to art/craft/scrapbooking.  There are actually more books…just not shown in this picture :P

Clearing folders (5)

It feels good to be organised.  I should stop hoarding…


3 thoughts on “Folders Be Gone.

  1. hehe, you don’t need them anymore anyway. i threw mine away long time ago… have to say i thought i had lots of folders, but you have even more !!!
    Now for your new degree

  2. I tried going electronic but still print out heaps of things as I can’t study off the computer screen (sign of ageing…)! Yes my bookshelf has reached saturation point, so something has to go…

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