Hello, Brain…

Oh, to explain the story, it has to start from here.

I bought MS a box of 100 postcards with different penguin book covers on each of them.  We love books and kitsch stuff like that.

What I did was, I took out all the cards and gave him the box, then I regularly write messages on them as the year goes on, and he ‘collects’ them.  It’s actually quite fun to communicate like that.

Neuroanatomy postcards (1)

Anyway, I was clearing out my old uni notes and found these carefully hand-drawn diagrams that I spent ages drawing years ago.  There were heaps of them!

Neuroanatomy postcards (2)

It was a shock to me as I don’t remember much or any of these anymore!  I vaguely recall learning them in first year, but if you test me now, the best I can do is to hand you my textbook with a blank look on my face…

Neuroanatomy postcards (3)

There’s just no space to keep them, but it’s a bit of my past, so I decided to cut them up and stick them on the back of some postcards!

Neuroanatomy postcards (4)

There you go, this is my message for the day!

Neuroanatomy postcards (5)

I forgot if we actually had been tested on these or not, I mean things like which tracts are at which levels… I can still remember I nearly had a nervous breakdown in first year learning neuro/anatomy.  *Gulp*

Neuroanatomy postcards (6)

Pretty postcards :P

Neuroanatomy postcards (7)

I wasn’t that cruel.  I returned to normal messages straight after. You’re welcome, MS :-)



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