Vintage Love.

Beautiful personal touches really make a wedding extra special.  I love receiving handmade invitations and my bird-loving friend Angela created these gorgeous cards with printed paper, cardstock, ribbon, vellum, brads, lace paper and fabric flowers.

Wedding attendance (1)

And these beauties! Decoupaged vintage-style paper boxes with layers of paint and crackle medium. Each and every one was different, with various shapes, colours and images. They perfectly complement the vintage influences of the wedding. I wanted to nick them off other guests and start a collection at home!

Wedding attendance (2)

Pastel, coated, egg-shaped nuts taste delicious and echo the bird theme of the event.

Wedding attendance (3)

The venue was amazing.  I felt like I was transported back in time.

Wedding attendance (4)

My gift to them.  Having a ‘Fragile’ sign is never elegant, but I could not risk it broken!  The best I could do is to at least make it aesthetically acceptable.

Wedding attendance (5)

What a breathtaking night, with the celebrations, good food and nice setting!  Cheers again for the lovely couple :)


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