The Hyperrealist.

A few weeks ago I went to an exhibition of Australia-born sculptor Ron Mueck’s works.  His realistic creations of giant proportions are amazing!

1. Ron Mueck Exhibition

>” Wild Man”: Why are you people looking at me?

2. Ron Mueck Wild Man

I spent ages looking at the details! Creases in the skin, the hair, the veins, curves of the muscles, the colour…it’s so realistic!

3. Ron Mueck Wild Man detail

>Giant “Woman in Bed”.  I think it’s amazing how something so random and common can be a fascinating subject.

4. Ron Mueck Woman in Bed

> Two old ladies!  They don’t look particularly friendly, but I can almost imagine the conversations they are having, while they rug up for warmth.

5. Ron Mueck Two Old Women

> Old lady curling up in bed looking unwell.  It’s a small sculpture but had a big impact on me, as it reminds me of the time I’ve worked in palliative care. Fragility, morbidity, mortality, serenity…

6. Ron Mueck Old Woman in Bed

>Man on a boat with shirt off.  Curious subject, but I thought why isn’t he sunburnt?

7. Ron Mueck Man in Boat

>Still Life.  A bit of a shock to see this one.

9. Ron Mueck Still Life 2

> Oh dear chook.

8. Ron Mueck Still Life

> The mask.  “Portrait” of Ron himself. It is just a shell and completely hollow.

10. Ron Mueck MaskDetail of The Mask.  Every little detail – the eyelashes, the stubble, the lips, the skin texture – I could not pick any fault.  Absolute applause for the artist!



There are other works on exhibition that I didn’t take pictures of.  One of them was “A girl” – a huge sculpture of a just-born infant.  It was so breath-taking that I totally forgot about taking a picture – it was like I was hypnotised.  It also reminded me of stillborn babies – which is heartbreaking – and I felt like I had to move on.

>A web picture of the baby girl:

12. Ron Mueck A Girl

I am amazed by the craftsmanship of it all!  Definitely one of the exhibitions that I enjoyed most.

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2 thoughts on “The Hyperrealist.

  1. Hello Melissa,

    Thanks for dropping by! The exhibition was great, and my camera obviously didn’t do the sculptures justice.
    I visited your blog and you do very amazing illustrations!

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