The Art and Craft of Splints :)

I didn’t get to make as many thermoplastic splints as I’d like in my time.  They were definitely fun to make, but also difficult to make them fit well.  To me anyway, as I’ve regrettably never done a Hands rotation to learn and cement the skills.  I came across some of my practice splints I’ve saved  (pardon the wonkiness, ill-fit, missing straps…they’re just here to remind me of good old times) which I sadly have to part with.

I’m putting pictures of them up here because…this is also a form of art and craft :D

Static Volar Wrist Immobilisation Splint (Wrist Cock-up):

Static volar wrist immobilisation splint

Resting Pan Splint (where are the straps?):

Resting pan splint

Static Volar Wrist-Thumb Immobilisation Splint (Thumb Spica):

Static volar wrist-thumb immobilisation splint

Metacarpal Fracture Brace:

Metacarpal fracture brace

Static DIP Extension Splint (Mallet Finger):

Static DIP extension splint

Static Progressive PIP Extension Splint:

Static progressive PIP extension splint

Foot Drop Splint (Straps! Fail!):

Foot Drop Splint

A few sheets of thermoplastic had been sacrificed…


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