Grey Felt. Felt Great.

This kit is perfect for novice bag makers like me.  It came with pre-cut, pre-punched materials and instructions.  It’s a simple grey felt bag with monochrome flowers.

DIY felt bag (1)

>Aligning the holes and stitching the reinforced handle.

DIY felt bag (2)

>Stitching the front pattern and the sides, right sides together.

DIY felt bag (3)

>These crucial square cut-outs at the bottom corners give the bag its 3D shape.

DIY felt bag (4)

>Pressing them together

DIY felt bag (5)

>Stitching it close.  I’m glad there were pre-punched holes so I know where the needle should go.  Great for beginners like me.

DIY felt bag (6)

>Reinforcing the corners.

DIY felt bag (7)

>Finished!  Turn it back to right side out.

DIY felt bag (8)

>Flower detail

DIY felt bag (9)

>Would have loved to add lining to conceal the knots and stitching on the inside of the bag.  However it’s not included in the kit…perhaps I’ll learn to line a bag some day.  I’ve got books teaching how to do it, but I’ve never tried.

DIY felt bag (10)

I’m quite happy with this – my first ever handmade bag :)



3 thoughts on “Grey Felt. Felt Great.

  1. That is really pretty! Keep this up and I’ll really be looking at some stiff competition on the bag front :) On another note, the stitching you employed is a form of Japanese embroidery. Simple yet precision perfect. Really nice art, Sil. Nelusha

    1. Hi Nelusha. No way, I haven’t made a single bag since, apart from some coin purses. Whereas you make magic. Ah I do like Japanese techniques.

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