Cake, Anyone?

I recently went travelling and, knowing that there would be spare time at night in the hotel room, I brought stuff to make.  I ended up sleeping many hours less than I should have, and I also sewed on the bus! Oh Dear.

blueberry cake plush (1)

Sewing on the go is hard. I keep misplacing the needle and poking myself. Making mistakes is so easy and fixing so difficult.  A good experience and I’m glad I did it though.

blueberry cake plush (2)

Nearly finished.  It’s just the opening that I haven’t sewn up yet.  It’s not the best pic, but I was in a rush to finish it off and here it is.  It’s wonky but a good effort from my part :)

blueberry cake plush (3)

Handmade in Vietnam by a tourist. Haha. Photo taken in hotel room…

blueberry cake plush (4)


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