10 Things.

Written in Feb 2011:

crane in box

Random things about my approach to crafts:


1.  I make to give. I seldom keep the things I make except scrapbooks and clothing.  Gifting is the main theme!

2.  I am critically uncertain of the value of my creations. When I gift my handmade products I am always plagued by the questions – would the recipient like it?  Do they have something similar already? Would they like this style? Would they have space to display/store it?  What if they think I expect them to like it when I never do? …etc.

3.I have craft-commitment issues. I continually discover new crafts and dive straight into them, buying materials and books on the topic, hoarding until saturation point…then I discover something else.  And I cannot choose just one craft to stick to for the rest of my life.

4. Craft books are my fantasy. I love collecting craft books as they’re like my parallel universe where I feel I could make everything in them.  That I have the time and skill to do so. Perhaps one day. Perhaps. Just don’t know when. My alternative reality.

5. I love Etsy but I can’t go there (to sell). People suggest I sell handmade stuff.  But my products are full of flaws and not really sell-worthy. Plus, I mainly make things out of craft books and there’re copyright issues.  Also, I take incredibly long to make stuff and I buy materials at retail (i.e. expensive)  prices, so it doesn’t seem practical.  Most of all – I get sentimental with the things, and while gifting them makes me happy, selling them may be different.

6.  I wish I learned to sew earlier. My late mother made beautiful garments for herself.  It is both overwhelming and emotional when I have the piece of clothing in one hand and an old photo of her wearing it in the other. Now I’m struggling with sewing and dressmaking and wish I had her to teach me. 

7. I am quite low-tech. I would love to learn and use photoshop properly. Or have an eBay account so I can sell my trinkets and clothes to fund my craft habit.  Get over my fear of buying fabric and supplies on the internet.  Learn tricks to customise and prettify the blog.  It took me a few months to navigate around and set up this blog!

8.  Crafting can be a curse. It is my passion, my therapy, my outlet.  But when I am pressured by deadlines for important things, all I want to do is craft.  I proceed to read craft blogs, flick through my craft books, go through my materials cupboard, fold and unfold my fabrics – and manage to procrastinate and spend up to hours without actually being productive in any sense.

9. I’m not impersonal. I always find craft blogs more interesting when the authors show readers aspects of their lives, their families, their everyday encounters.  I’d love to share other parts of my life here, but it isn’t particularly interesting.  I am just grateful to have what I’ve got no matter how smooth or rough the journey had been.

10. I don’t expect others to understand. Some people may think I should do something productive instead of makinguseless’ stuff’.  It makes me ponder. What is a good hobby, what isn’t?  Some people are passionate about sports, or computer games, or music, or building model cars, or cooking, or collecting ceramic figurines.  Who judges what is good and otherwise?  I’m ok to be seen as a nerd, a nanna, a ‘directionless’ person.  I love crafts, and if I could put a smile on the faces of people I love by giving them something handmade, it’s worth it.


Thanks for hearing my ramblings :)

p.s. Time for me to do some real work now! Deadlines, deadlines! :-O


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