Daruma’s Adventures.

A Daruma Doll signifies perseverance, fortune and resilience. 

They start out with no eyes.  Think of your goal and add on one eye.  You can only add on the other eye when the goal is achieved.

Daruma plush DIY (1)

I made a Daruma for a friend.  Pattern from Aranzi Aronzo’s felt mascot book (in Japanese).

Daruma plush DIY (2)

Daruma goes to University of Queensland.Daruma plush DIY (3)

Daruma ponders the meaning of great and mighty things.

Daruma plush DIY (4)

Daruma with the temporary other eye.  It will remain one-eyed until my friend reaches the goal! Who knows how long it would take?

Daruma plush DIY (5)

Oh, it reminds me that I have plenty of goals to achieve too….



3 thoughts on “Daruma’s Adventures.

  1. Hi Sil,
    I notice that you are displaying my photo of the Daruma (the one that shows the 3 stages), with the Dreamstime watermark on it. This photo is actually copyrighted and can only be published when it’s been paid for (against a small fee you can download the image without watermark). You can check Dreamstime’s conditions and prices on their website. Please, either take the photo down or purchase it from DT’s website. Best regards, thank you.

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