The Angry Cushion.

I bought this cardigan more than 10 years ago, but had never worn it because it’s a bit out there with the print on the back.  But I liked it so much and got it anyway at the time.

angry cushion DIY (1)

Cut out two squares and stitch them together! I also added snap-buttons in between the real buttons as the cushion insert was popping out of the cover.

angry cushion DIY (4)

Remains of the cardigan…

angry cushion DIY (2)

Something about knits and seams and buttons and thread in neutral colours and textures that intrigue me…

angry cushion DIY (3)

So, this is called the Angry Cushion for this reason. It’s rude, but sort of cute.  I couldn’t wear it but I would display it in my home :)

Turning a jumper/cardi into a cushion is so easy, especially when you don’t have to add zips.  Hmmmm I’m thinking of the pile in my closet that I can potentially use…

angry cushion DIY (5)

angry cushion DIY (6)



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