Finally :D

I’ve wanted to get a dressmaker’s dummy for ages. Have been researching and saving up for years, and finally I bought it! I splurged on a professional one, with collapsible shoulders, dress cage, adjustable height and all. 

My friend :)
My friend :)


For a novice like me, this is probably overkill.  But it looks nice as a decoration item for the home as well. :P

My later mother used to sew her own clothes. Unfortunately I did’t get to learn any dressmaking skills from her, but I think I’ve got her genes to at least be interested in arts and crafts. And so now this reminds me of her. I’m just going to take my time and learn bits and pieces gradually. I have taken some sewing classes a few years back and had a really good teacher, but not much retained :/ The thing is, there are too many other crafts I want to do – literally so much to make, so little time!

Thanks for dropping by again and please don’t laugh at my embarrassing baby steps (when I do take them) D:


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