10,000 PaperCranes.

So, I decided to make 10,000 cranes. I thought if I just kept making them, then I’d reach the number sooner or later. But little did I know how long it actually took! 100 cranes takes me 3 hours to make (that’s about 1.8 minutes each), and in between the many commitments in life, it’s not always easy to find that kind of time. It took me more than a year, almost two years. 

After folding the 10,000th crane, I felt relieved. As much as I like making them, repeating the same thing that many times wears you out. I decided to take some photos to commemorate this personal achievement. Sounds silly I know…but haha. I’m like that. 

10,000 cranes (1)


10,000 cranes (2)




10,000 cranes (3)


10,000 cranes (7)


10,000 cranes (4)


10,000 cranes (5)






10,000 cranes (9)
My friend drew this picture of me for my birthday :) and I asked for cranes…


10,000 cranes (8)

My friend and I are going to make an art installation out of it. Hope it’ll be a nice result! :)


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