Tank to Cushion.

My sister sent me this top all the way from London as part of my birthday present.

It’s cute, but it’s too large and sheer on me. So I made it into a cushion, and I can actually see and use it everyday. Win win!

1. > It’s a lovely print.

Tank to cushion (1)


2. >But it’s just too large on me because I’m short (5’0).

Tank to cushion (2)


3. > I had a cushion insert lying around for another project, and realised it’s a similar size.

Tank to cushion (3)


4. >The cushion insert fitted perfectly in it!

Tank to cushion (5)


 5. >”I don’t even have to sew the side seams…”, thoughts were brewing in my mind.

Tank to cushion (4)


  6. >Getting to work! The bottom seam was also already done (previously the bottom hem of the tank top). I only had to cut the top seam, just below the arm holes.

Tank to cushion (7)


7. >I turned the tank inside out, sewn the bottom seam closed with my sewing machine, and also sewn the top seam halfway closed leaving space for putting in the cushion insert. No zip, lazy job. :D

Tank to cushion (6)


 8. >I pushed the cushion insert in, and sewn the opening closed by hand.

Tank to cushion (8)


9. >Done, done, done :)

Tank to cushion (9)


I think this is a much better use of the gift. It looks much better as a cushion in my home, than a garment on my body. Thank you sis!

Tank to cushion (10)

Tank to cushion (11)




4 thoughts on “Tank to Cushion.

    1. Thank you! Although flimsy and sheer fabric is so hard to sew. And excess fabric on the inside can be faintly seen along the edges. But overall I’m happy with it! I’m planning to turn more of my cardigans and jumpers into cushions. Recycling is always a good idea :)

    2. I just visited your blog. Wow, so inspiring! I wish I can sew clothes properly (like you! Dream!). It’ll be a steep learning curve for me!

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