17 Weeks, 17 Bakes.

My baking buddy and I were sent to a clinic in Ipswich, Queensland for the past 17 weeks. We decided to bake every week and bring them into clinic to share. Because we had to bake after a full day of clinic and bring it on the next day, we used recipes that were not too complicated or required too many different ingredients. I’ve also put my cake boxes to good use, having bought them in bulk early last year.

The 17 weeks have come to an end. Looking back, we did bake quite a few things. It was fun.


Week 1: Blueberry Cheesecake.

The berries bled and should be placed after the cake has set…lesson learnt.

Ipswich bakes (1)


Week 2: Rocky Road. 

We deviated from the recipe and used snakes instead of glace cherries and pistachios instead of peanuts.

Ipswich bakes (2)


Week 3: Coffee Mousse and Oreo ‘Plants’.

I posted about this recently. Looks pretty realistic. 

Ipswich bakes (3)


Week 4: Lemon Tart with Strawberries.

Seemed to be a hit. Sour but sweet. Tangy.

Ipswich bakes (4)


Week 5: Caramel Slice.

Caramel was less compact/dense as expected. Might have to try another recipe.

Ipswich bakes (5)


Week 6: Choc Sponge with Frosting and Wafer Sticks

The frosting seemed to have dried out a bit, but we had to put it in the fridge overnight…

Ipswich bakes (6)


Week 7: Chilled Oreo Cheesecake

I love cookies and cream. Not very imaginative with the topping here, as we had 5 minutes to whack the cookies on in the morning before heading to clinic haha.

Ipswich bakes (7)


Week 8: Lemon and Cranberries Butter Cookies.

The ingredients included cornflour, and it created a shortbread quality. Surprising.

Ipswich bakes (10)


Week 9: Dark Choc Brownies.

Rich and devilish.

Ipswich bakes (8)


Week 10: Pecan & Maple layered cake.

Something different to the chocolate or fruit-based bakes we normally make.

Ipswich bakes (9)


Week 11: Raspberry & Almond Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I think the toppings won this time.

Ipswich bakes (11)


Week 12: Choc cupcakes with mousse and Ferrero Rocher balls.

Because, Ferrero Rocher.

Ipswich bakes (13)


Week 13: M&M butter cookies.

Of course they were not geometric by accident *ahem*.

Soft and chewy.

Ipswich bakes (12)


Week 14: Almond Biscotti.


Ipswich bakes (14)


Week 15: Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake with Passionfruit Jelly.

Surprisingly light for a cheesecake.

Ipswich bakes (15)


Week 16: Layered Choc Vanilla sponge with Dark choc Ganache and Lindt & Sprungli balls.

Because, Lindt & Sprungli!!! Hm, don’t know how to make the ganache smooth. Oh well.

Ipswich bakes (17)


Week 17: Strawberry Mousse cake with Lady Fingers.

One cannot go wrong with more strawberries. 

Ipswich bakes (16)

It had been very fun, although exhausting, 17 weekly baking experiment. Oh the sugar overload! Lots of packets of castor sugar and blocks of butter and cheese have been harmed in this exercise. Sorry!



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