DIY Houndstooth Skirt.

Drafting and construction of the skirt took me a few weeks, with help.

Sewing the metal clasps at the back took a few years.

Hence, I can start wearing this skirt only recently. Such is my slackness.

The skirt pattern was customised to my measurements. My waist is small in comparison to my hip (the fact is that my hip is large compared to my waist, but I’m trying to be positive here), and standard high-waisted pencil skirt patterns don’t fit me at all. I made the length just above the knee, with a two-seam waistband, invisible zip with metal clasps at the back, a kickpleat, and black lining.

  • Pattern: Self drafted pencil skirt
  • Size made: Customised
  • Pattern pieces: 4
  • Fabric: Houndstooth knit, 1.5m length, bought from Lincraft
  • New Technique used: Got help to make custom pattern; Kick pleat, Lined skirt
  • Modifications: N/A

   >The customise pattern. There are only 4 pieces (these aren’t good pictures, and the paper is all crinkled…). The kickpleat part has been folded backwards and can’t really be seen in the back skirt pattern. The waistband pleatings, in my opinion, is unnecessary since I chose a busy print. I will probably make it with just a long rectangular band next time, and thus there will only be 3 pattern pieces.

Houndstooth skirt (2)


Houndstooth skirt (3)


Houndstooth skirt (4)


> Cutting out the skirt fabric in houndstooth knit, and the lining in black viscose. The extra fabric for the kickpleat can be seen in the 2 back skirt pieces cut.  Sewing the invisible zip was hard for me…I haven’t got my head around that yet.

Houndstooth skirt (5)


> It’s not very clear even in a close-up, but the waistband is folded horizontally twice and sewn down, creating a three-band effect. It would be more obvious if the skirt fabric was in a plain colour. But then, plain fabrics will show every mistake and unevenness.

Houndstooth skirt (6)


>The zip really is wonky, and one of the metal clasps is not sitting flush. My excuse is, this IS my first handmade skirt afterall. Plus I’m not fuss, and the back of the waist will be covered up by the cardigan anyway. 

Houndstooth skirt (7)


Houndstooth skirt (8)


Houndstooth skirt (9)

> I heart sewing! :)

Houndstooth skirt (10)


Houndstooth skirt (11)

Unfortunately, I will be moving to a small town for the next six months and won’t have my sewing supplies with me. I’ll be making small handsewn plushes mostly. Dressmaking will have to wait until next year, I suppose. Sad!



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