Sewn Theatre Caps.

Those disposable hats hospital staff wear to the operating theatre? So environmentally unfriendly. Single-use helps with infection control, but hair nets used in hospitals for routine surgeries aren’t sterilised so as long as a clean one is worn, it serves the purpose.

 Many people have reusable ones, so I decided to sew a few.

 I’m talking about these!

theatre cap (1)


surg caps


theatre cap (2)


So I took one home and dissected it.



theatre cap (4)


theatre cap (5)


>I chose this moustache fabric.

theatre cap (6)


theatre cap (8)

>Just laid it down and cut. Because the lower part will be folded up when worn, I cut an extra layer to line the inside bit, which will become the outside when folded.

theatre cap (9)


theatre cap (10)


>Overlock all the edges. Also overlocked the two long pieces together at the bottom edge to join them, and the sides.

theatre cap (11)

Pin and sew :D


>Bias tape time! I haven’t stepped into the scary territory of making my own bias tape. Ready-made ones will do. Plain black goes with the fabric anyway.

theatre cap (13)

>Prototype – Version 1.0

theatre cap (14)


theatre cap (15)


theatre cap (16)

 > I also made another two from a velveteen porcupine fabric, and a cotton piggy fabric. 



“Panicky Piggy” cap

> All three stitched up!

all three

>Modelled :)

porcupine in action
“I’m Fine, Porcupine” cap modelled.


theatre cap (17)
“I like your beard” cap modelled.

 It was well-received! Yay :) 



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