My Mother’s Artwork.

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers!

My mother drew, sewed, and played the piano as her hobbies.  I do the other two, but I cannot draw or paint.  I really wish she is around now. I think we would have lots of fun and would bond over sessions upon sessions of arts, crafts, cooking, sewing, dressmaking and jamming/duet.

I came across some photos of her artwork completed in 1969-1972, when she was 19 to 22 years old. I scanned them into electronic form, and just want to share this, if not just to myself, and keep an online record of it.

Mother drawing 1


Mother drawing 2


Mother drawing 3


Mother drawing 4


Mother drawing 5


Mother drawing 7


Mother drawing 8


Mother drawing 9


Mother drawing 10


Mother drawing 11

These sketches were in black and white (not b/w photography).  I was brought up in colour. Colour printing, colour TV, colour photography, colour computers screens, colour everything. The study of colorimetry and the Munsell colour system ascribed the 3 dimensions of any colour: Hue (colour category), Value (lightness) and Chroma (purity/saturation).  Drawings and sketches in charcoal and pencils – removing hue and chroma – solely uses value to express the details and depths of the objects and space.  The technicality amazes me, impresses me, and scares me.  I don’t think I’ll ever attempt monochromatic drawings. If I ever learn how to paint or draw, I’m sure it’ll be in colour. 


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