Lumina, My First Overlocker.

The first overlocker I’ve used, and used since 2013 is a borrowed machine which my aunt bought from the supermarket Aldi. It’s called Lumina officially, but I read on the internet that it uses Janome parts.


Lumina Overlocker
Lumina Overlocker


Things I like about  this machine:

  • It overlocks! Yay!
  • It has lasted me a few years. It’s still working, but I finally bought my own serger.
  • It’s lightweight but the suction cups are quite strong and the machine doesn’t wobble or shake much when it functions
  • It’s smooth sailing if I don’t touch the tension settings and sew ‘easier’ fabrics with it…nothing too stretchy, light, open weave, thick or multi-layered. I put this as a positive since it’s my own shortcomings in not knowing how to adjust an overlocker for different fabrics.

Things I rip my hair out over:

  • It taught me what patience is. Well, my lack thereof…
  • It’s difficult to thread…but then so are most overlockers, I believe?
  • I’m scared of it. It can tangle and be temperamental, and I try not to change the threads at all costs, not even the tie-on-and-pull technique.




Slanted needles
Slanted needles


But the Lumina has served me well until I saved up to buy my own serger (post coming!! Exciting stuff.). It has been my ‘transitional’ machine –  to try before buying the real deal, getting used to serging, and helping me decide what features I value most in an overlocker. If it hadn’t been a borrowed machine however, I would rather save up more and get something better outright. Although, what’s the definition of ‘better’? One hardly truly knows how a machine feels just by reading forums, trying it in the shops or talking to experts. One gotta really use it and feel it before knowing if it’s right for you.


A goodbye is in order...
A goodbye is in order…



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