LEGO: Police Series.

And the full Police series is completed! I love Lego! (Though MS made the majority of it, hehe)

LEGO Police Series (1)


LEGO Police Series (2)


LEGO Police Series (3)


LEGO Police Series (4)


LEGO Police Series (5)


LEGO Police Series (6)


LEGO Police Series (7)


LEGO Police Series (8)


LEGO Police Series (9)


LEGO Police Series (10)


LEGO Police Series (11)
These are my favourite parts. The bad guys have handtools and motorbikes and getaway boats, and included in the set are loose money, gemstones and gold bricks to scatter around. I really like the level of detail and thought that has been put into manufacture.


LEGO Police Series (12)

Just a thought though – these elaborate Lego sets are more made for adults. Which is completely fine – I love them and I’m an adult (supposedly so…age at least…). But imagine a younger child playing with this and bits come loose or lost. It’s not like the traditional Lego where you have the basic blocks in various sizes and you build whatever, then you take it apart, then you start again, then you make something, and create whatever takes your fancy. These sets are not very flexible, and does not foster as much creativity as the simpler, basic blocks that made Lego famous and popular in the first place.



2 thoughts on “LEGO: Police Series.

  1. Sil, you are a girl (woman) after my own heart. I’ve been reflecting about what would make my life as close to perfect as I could imagine and the answer was simply ‘play’. I only want to play. I am happiest when I play. I need to find more ways to play during the day… maybe pocket legos? I’ve tried take a long embroidery; knitting; sewing books…

    1. Hi Nelusha, I’m so happy ‘play’ resonates with you. We all need it. When my hobbies doesn’t give me a sense of play, I pause for a while. We should play more! For me it may be trying out a new recipe or restaurant. Planning a holiday or future. Hobbies and crafts in different forms. Reconnecting with old friends. Daydreaming about my future house…etc…create JOY! :)

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