My Second Sewing Machine: Singer Heritage 8768.

At the end of 2015, I’ve decided to buy another sewing machine after owning the Brother BM-3600 for 10 years. I’ve been thinking about getting another machine for the past 3 years or so. Because I travel between two cities during the week and spend parts of the week in each location, I wanted a machine in both places! Tell me I’m not the only one who crave this convenience (and more motivation + time to sew).


Singer Heritage 8768 sewing machine
Singer Heritage 8768 sewing machine


I decided on the Singer Heritage 8768 – I’m not going to lie, I’ve fallen for the black exterior and retro look. My grandma has a working, vintage, pedal-operated Singer with which my late mother had sewn herself a handful of garments. This Singer Heritage 8768 reminds me of that and this connection has a special place in my heart.


Goes perfectly with my miniature
Goes perfectly with my miniature


It’s also the first electronic sewing machine I’ve used (I know, I’m very technophobic). It’s still a basic machine I believe. It’s only got 20-odd stitches, and not many fancy functions. Which I do not need…I really only use the straight stitch. I SHOULD try the blind hem but I haven’t.

machines (3)
Just press and go.


Things I like about the machine:

  • 1-step buttonhole
  • LED lighting
  • Extra-wide sewing platform, which can be removed for narrow arm sewing
  • One-touch button for different stitches
  • Retro look

Things I’m less impressed with:

  • It’s heavy (well, much heavier than my Brother machine)
  • Noisy 
  • Seems to run less smoothly than my Brother? Maybe it’s the feed dogs?
  • Shiny black exterior is a dust magnet! But I cover it and wipe it shiny every time after use. I just love touching it ok!
  • …Hope I don’t find out more to add here.


machines (4)
Extra wide removable sewing area


I’m aiming to sew more with it, but as of the time of writing ( April 2016), I mainly use my Brother machine. It’s what I’m comfortable with at the moment. But I promise myself I’ll use my Singer more. 


machines (5)
I like its curves.


And the best thing is, I got it for 50% sale and additional 20% off! And it was Christmas ;) No more excuses reasons needed!



4 thoughts on “My Second Sewing Machine: Singer Heritage 8768.

  1. Jealous! I love those old style Singer machines. They’re beautiful! If I had the patience I’d learn to use a pedal powered one and get a proper vintage one! The new ones look just a nice though!

    1. I think the real vintage ones are nice but if I were to buy another one (I probably won’t), I may get an industrial/heavy duty instead :)

  2. Sweet ride :) I hope you’ll grow to love love love it! It is beautiful -and what a crazy deal! You’ll find room in your heart (and in your projects) for the new machine to share with your Brother.

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