Craft & Sewing Shop in Brisbane – SewCo.

This local store Sewco is where I bought my Babylock Enlighten. They are primarily a quilting and patchwork store, with a large array of specialty machines, bolts of quilting cottons, ample space for classes, myriad of sewing tools, and display of finished projects for inspiration. The staff are all very approachable and knowledgeable, and would gladly answer questions I have with my project or machine. They offered me a class with purchase of my serger. 

(Purely sharing my experience here, no affiliation with them. Now I can’t sew without my Babylock though, and the Lumina has officially retired.)

SewCo (1)

SewCo (2)

SewCo (3)

SewCo (4)

SewCo (5)

SewCo (6)

SewCo (7)

SewCo (8)

SewCo (9)

SewCo (10)

SewCo (11)

They also have sewing classes for quilting, machine embroidery, dressmaking, pattern drafting, junior sewing, project-based and technique-based ones. Personally I go there for classes (I’ve only been to my complimentary one, but may attend more in the future) and purchase/support of my machines, but since I’m not a quilter, I prefer specialty fashion textile shops for dress fabrics. Unless, of course, I’m making garments out of quilting cottons! In that case, they have a large and wonderful selection.


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