Fabric Shop in Brisbane – Selective Fine Fabrics.

I drive past this fabric shop, called Selective Fine Fabrics, many times on the way to my dad’s place, but I have never stopped to go inside. I decided to do that and check out what they have.

It is not a very big store, with humble fittings and signs, but the range inside is exquisite. The gorgeous fabrics speak for themselves.

(As usual, this post is purely for sharing my fabric shopping experience and the joy of exploring fabric shops)









They have a curated collection of delicate laces, beaded pieces, sequinned fabrics, silks, ruffled and embellished organza, feathered and appliquéd delights…they are so scrumptious and textural. They would make dramatic and eye-catching evening garments for sure! However, I couldn’t afford the luxurious fabrics and don’t have a project in mind to use such beautiful materials either, so I bought a cotton blend floral piece for a casual project.

Selective Fine Fabrics (11)

Selective Fine Fabrics (10)

Selective Fine Fabrics (9)

True to my preferences, I like the watercolour florals and inklings on the fabric. 

But I dream of the day I could march into the store again and splurge on lashings of lace and piles of voluminous textiles. Dream on….


4 thoughts on “Fabric Shop in Brisbane – Selective Fine Fabrics.

    1. I hope so, one day! I mean of course I can buy them but I’m not gonna give up a trip or not stick to my saving schedule because of it :p

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