Craft & Fabric Chain in Australia & NZ – Lincraft.

Lincraft used to be THE craft chain that I went to when I was young (high school…plenty young then). Maybe because it used to have a branch at the shopping centre near my school. They seemed to have downsized and less branches now, although they have maintained foothold in CBD with a two-storey store in the biggest shopping complex in Brisbane city centre. They have branches across Australia & New Zealand.

They have branches across the country, but the ones around Brisbane/Logan/Gold Coast are:

  • Brisbane City branch: Myer Centre, 237 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000
  • Toombul branch: 1015 Sandgate Rd, Toombul QLD 4012
  • Sunnybank Hills branch: Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town, Shop 50B, 661 Compton Rd, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109
  • Victoria Point branch: Building K, Victoria Point Lakeside 1; 21 Bunker Rd, Victoria Point QLD 4164
  • Loganholme branch: Logan Hyperdome, Home Plus Centre, 4B/C Cnr Bryants & Pacific Highway, Loganholme QLD 4129


Again, not advertising or anything here. I go to Spotlight way more than Lincraft, I’d have to say. Below are some photos from the Brisbane City branch.

Lincraft store (1)


Lincraft store (2)


Lincraft store (3)


Lincraft store (4)


Lincraft store (5)


Lincraft store (6)


Lincraft store (7)


Lincraft store (8)


Lincraft store (9)


Lincraft store (10)


Lincraft store (11)


Lincraft store (12)


Lincraft store (13)


Lincraft store (14)


Lincraft store (15)

Their fabric range is not small, but not extensive either, and somewhat haphazardly placed and sparsely labelled. The fabric tag may read “Assorted Fancy Fabric” with no information of composition or fabric width. But their fabrics tend to be cheaper than Spotlight (both are chains hence the comparison). Here are some of my purchases:

Lincraft fabrics (2)


Lincraft fabrics (1)

It is not bad for browsing and seeing what’s available though. They do have some good scrapbooking, papercraft, art supplies, yarn, general crafts, homewares and haberdashery range. I would say after Spotlight, it is the second largest art+craft+sewing chain in Australia. 



4 thoughts on “Craft & Fabric Chain in Australia & NZ – Lincraft.

  1. ooh i want some of those floral fabrics, and your purchases looks beautiful too! i need to plan vacations around the stores that you review haha

    • I’m sure you have even better fabric stores where you are, but don’t we always want to visit ALL the fabric shops that we can’t usually get to! hehe! Oh yes visit Australia :D

    • They were 50% off when I went too! Yeh It’s hard when sewing something and don’t know what the fabric composition is!

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