Fabric Shopping in Athens, Greece [2016].

[Warning: Photo heavy]

When one is in Athens…in addition to sightseeing and exploring the city, visiting the magnificent Acropolis, its multitude of ancient ruins and modern museums, and sampling Greek delicacies…of course I scouted out fabric shops to visit!

I did some pre-planning. Searching on the internet, I found Sewing in Athen’s post the most useful (thank you!!). Here in this post I just want to add in my own experience!



So the streets where the fabric shops are congregated are in the city centre and conveniently close to one of the metro train stations. The fabric streets are Kalamiotou and Athinaidos. The closest metro station is Monastiraki, which is really just a few minutes walk from the Acropolis complex if you take the exit close to the Temple of Hephaestus.

Coming out of Monastiraki metro station, you just walk towards and turn right into Ermou Street and keep going until you see the ummissable Church of Panaghia on Kapnikareas Street. Then you kind of go around and behind it, and there is Kalamiotou Street!



Monastiraki metro station.
Monastiraki metro station.


Monastiraki metro station building
Monastiraki metro station building


Monastiraki Square, and looking back at the metro station you can see the Acropolis behind it.
Monastiraki Square, and looking back at the metro station you can see the Acropolis behind it.


At one of the magazine stores...I spy...
At one of the magazine stalls…I spy…


BuraStyle, Greek version! :D
BurdaStyle, Greek edition! :D


Turn into Ermou Street and keep walking...
Turn into Ermou Street and keep walking…


...and keep going until you see the church.
…and keep going until you see the church.


The elegant Church of Panaghia Kapnkareas.
The elegant Church of Panaghia Kapnikareas.


Go around the church to the back...
Go around the church to the back…


Yay, arriving at Kalamiotou Street. FABRICSSSSSS here I come!
Yay, arriving at Kalamiotou Street. FABRICSSSSSS here I come!



We went to the fabric streets twice – I couldn’t resist going back a few days later.  Most of the shops are attended by men, and they are helpful and approachable in regards to questions about fabric types and composition. They are also happy to have their photos taken with me! :P

There is a 24% tax on top of the marking price. I mainly paid cash. Communicating in English is not an issue, but many of the bolts are unmarked, and not all shop attendants can tell you the exact fabric content or country of origin.






























I bought fabrics from these shops (I only asked to take photos with the shop owners/attendants if I bought something, although it does not make it any less weird to them, haha).


Another unforgettable fabric shopping experience for me! This includes lugging heavy bags of fabric through winding streets under the scorching sun to walk back to the hotel, with legs that were about to fall off any minute (we spent hours walking around and visiting the Acropolis complex prior to visiting the fabric shops). SO WORTH IT.



19 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping in Athens, Greece [2016].

  1. I love shopping while on holiday! What an amazing district to have found. I hope your holiday was great.

    1. Not quite haha, because you’d be missing out soooo much if you don’t do sightseeing! Athens is amazing and filled to the brim with history and precious relics. That said, I wouldn’t say no to going back there just for fabrics :p

  2. I am so jealous, those fabric shops look amazing! When I went to Athens I flew in and out in a same day on a whim and didn’t have time to look in any shops.

    1. There had been many places I didn’t get to look for fabrics too! But many more places to explore :) Maybe you’ll be back in Athens one day!

      1. Fingers crossed I am and maybe with a suitcase this time! I was on a whirlwind 6 week trip with a backpack so I and no room for fabric anyway :)

    1. I’m waiting for your potential (or highly likely?) posts on fabric shopping in Hk Singapore Malaysia! I may be heading to Hk Sg within the next year :p

  3. Wow! What a wonderful photo description of how to find this fabric district! Thank you so much. I’ll be in Athens in September and you have made my fabric shopping so much easier.

    1. Hi Kathleen! Thanks for visiting. I love scouting out fabric shops whenever I go. Hope you have a great time in Athens. I want to go back!

  4. Thank you to your amazing instructions I was able to find this place it was sewers paradise! Thank you very much!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this.
    I’m going to Athens next year and my excitement has just grown a thousandfold at the prospect of FABRIC SHOPPING!!!!!

    1. I feel so, so excited for you! Even without the fabric shopping, Athens is just totally amazingly incredible! ADD fabric shopping and it’s the stuff of dreams. I would definitely go back if I could!!

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