I’m finally on Instagram…

After some thought, I’ve decided to start an Instagram account. Super late to the party, and I can’t think of interesting stuff to post that don’t get duplicated on the blog. But since all the craft and sewing bloggers I follow and love are showing behind-the-scenes, not-shown-on-blog pictures there, I better somehow find a way to see those!

Anyway, my account is mauve_cloud_studio

On a side note, I’ve taken over a whole set of wardrobes to house my fabrics. Although that resulted in a lot of my actual clothes stuffed into boxes instead…still, happy times! :D

But of course, this isn't ALL my fabric and not just THIS closet :P
But of course, this isn’t ALL my fabric and they’re not just in THIS closet :P


Are you on Instagram? I’ve probably followed you already, but if not, please let me know :)

10 thoughts on “I’m finally on Instagram…

    1. :)))) You know, finding out that I nearly missed the detailed shot of the embroidery stitches on your tiger bomber because I wasn’t on insta then, is a big factor that made me start an account! 🐯

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