2016: A Review.

Coming to the end of the year, it’s time to reflect and plan!

Top 5 things that happened in 2016 for me:


  1. We got married, spent quality time with family and friends, and honeymooned :)
We took this pic in Venice, one of the many places we went to for our honeymoon.


2. MS and I went to Greece. I’ve been wanting to go for many years. So glad we did, it was a magical experience. Such a beautiful place. The high summer was punishing, though!

Greece in June+July. I wouldn’t mind having breakfast in Santorini every morning!


 3. I’ve taken up boxing, and it is so fun! It is great to challenge myself physically. This leads me to consider sewing active wear – but it seems so scary! Maybe later :P

Get stronger!


4. I found out someone has been stealing from me for years, intentionally. And then had the audacity to stalk me, spin stories, frame others, fake innocence and play the victim. Truly disgraceful. No one needs that kind of people in their lives. Good riddance.

from here


5. I have done quite a few DIY projects, especially for my wedding (professional pictures still not back yet!), but sewing wise, I’ve made only 9 garments. My goal at the beginning of the year was one a month, so I’m 3 short. Life got quite busy this year. I know that 2017 will be even more hectic for me, but I hope to make time to sew more in the coming year.

My fabric stash. Get busy!
My fabric stash. Get busy!


Wishing everyone a happy, fulfilling, rewarding new year.

Let’s do this, 2017! I am ready! 



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