Japanese Cushions Vol.2

Whenever I go to Japan, I cannot resist buying fabrics and especially those with Japanese prints on them! In 2012 I bought some bunny-themed Japanese festival fabrics, and made them into cushions (here).

I picked up some similar, but cat-themed four seasons fabrics on our trip in 2015 (post here)and made them into cushions again recently! I gifted them as housewarming presents for my friend. I’m always careful when making things for my friends’ homes – it has to suit their taste and decor. 

I bought 6 fabric scenery squares, which makes 3 double-sided cushions. Compared to 2013 when I made the first lot of cushions, I got better at inserting invisible zips.


Two spring scenes, one summer, two autumn and one winter scene(s). A cute black-and-white cat in each scene!


I used bigger cushion inserts than normally needed, to add bulk. I like cushions that are pouffy!


I’m going to eliminate the construction process here, because it is the same as the last lot (here again), apart from making neater zip openings this time! Finished product:

1. Spring scene #1


2. Spring scene #2


3. Summer night scene


4. Autumn scene #1


5. Autumn scene #2


6. Winter scene






A set of 3 double-sided cushions to adorn my friend’s couch.


Congrats on the new house!


Next time I sew cushions, I want to try piping!



2 thoughts on “Japanese Cushions Vol.2

  1. Sil, I love these! I saw your photos earlier on Instagram. I can’t wait to visit Japan one day and stock up on gorgeous fabric. Also, what a great housewarming gift idea! I love gifting things I’ve made myself. I’m going to check out your tutorial soon because I’ve been wanting to replace the covers on the throw pillows around my house. Thank you for sharing and have a good week!

    1. Thanks Carmen! Sadly there isn’t a tutorial per se… It’s really just inserting an invisible zip and sewing the remaining seams! I want to learn how to do piping though! And I want to go back to Japan!

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