Fabric Shop in Melbourne – Rathdowne Fabrics.

Melbourne is like our second home and we go there often, mainly for family and work-related reasons. It’s about 2.5 hours flight from where we live. Of course, I try to visit fabric shops when we have time to spare. Last time we ventured out of the city centre and took the tram to the suburbs…for fabric shopping, of course. Sharing my experience here visiting Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants.

Situated inside an industrial-looking building.


When you walk in, you see this vintage sewing machine and a picture of your husband…haha


The Corridor to Glory


Basically a warehouse with bolts of fabrics categorised by composition.


Pretty prints catch me eye.


Plain fabrics are sewing staples, but often overlooked (by me, at least).


I wasn’t interested in furnishing fabrics, but they have them as well!


So much to choose from!


Photo with the lovely lady, who was very helpful. And could we just spend a minute looking at the rows of vintage sewing machines adorning the wall~!


This used to be their old location – even more machines! Delicious..


Happy with my purchase :)


What I bought – a polyester knit with digital print of birds on it.


We didn’t just go to the fabric shop – we also went to the hobby/model store so my husband got to look at things he likes, too. This is back in the city centre.


He didn’t buy anything though. Apparently models kits are pretty standard and buying them online isn’t as risky/difficult as fabrics.


We had a great day! Couples who hobby together stay together :)



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