Shades of Autumn [Burda 6919].

Mustard with hints of Burgundy, Emerald and Teal. It screams Autumn to me! This loud print is not my usual style, but I fell in love with the colours. The fabric is also buttery soft, and is perfect for mild autumns in Queensland. I made Burda 6919 with it. It is a pattern for a knit semi-fitted dress with scoop neck, shoulder holes, tucks in bodice and skirt, batwing sleeves and elasticated waist.

  • Pattern: Burda 6919, View A. Rated ‘Easy’.
  • Size made:  US 8-18 included, I made size 8
  • Pattern pieces: 5 for view A
  • Fabric used: Stretch jersey [90% polyester, 10% spandex],  148cm width, 1.5m long, made in China, bought from Spotlight
  • New Techniques used: First time trying pattern matching – I only managed the centre fronts of bodice and skirt. Side seams not matched…
  • Modifications: Shortened skirt at hem by 14cm; Encased waist elastic instead of sewing onto the seam allowance; Hand-stitched hem and dress hems.
Burda 6919.


Line drawings. I made View A, which is knee length (although I still had to shorten the hem by 14cm!). Pic from here.


Only 5 pattern pieces.


The pleats were interesting to cut >< even harder on knit fabric.


Luckily I had enough fabric (1.5m length). Normally I buy 2m to be safe.


Bodice done. The neck binding sticks up – it was probably too long? Or I stretched it when I sewed it? Or thread tension issue? Anyway, I actually didn’t really mind it…


Pleats on the skirt.


I hand-sewn the skirt (invisible) hem for a neater finish. Still haven’t figured out the invisible hem function on my sewing machine…




I think the pleats got drowned in the print.














9 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn [Burda 6919].

  1. Lovely, as always! I love your fabric choice, too: it’s perfect for Autumn! This pattern is so cute–I think it needs to be added to my shopping list. 😉
    As to the binding sticking up, it’s probably just a matter of it being too long/not stretched enough vs. the neck opening. (It’s happened to me, too!) Bindings are tricky, since every fabric behaves differently; I actually don’t sew the CB binding seam until I’ve stretched and pinned the rest of it in place, starting at CF, that way I’m guaranteed to find the “right” length for whatever fabric I’m using. I started doing that after having to unpick and re-seam the binding on a knit tee about 4 times before it was short enough to sit flat!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your tips Mads! I considered unpicking this and went “nahhhh…” 😂😂 I’ll definitely try your way next time! I think I didn’t stretch it enough AND it was too long (result of relying on the pattern too much and not thinking it through. Of course the pattern can’t cater for all the different stretchiness of knits we might use).

      1. HA! Yeah, unpicking a neckband is right up there with unpicking a buttonhole, IMO. 😉 I have definitely relied too much on the pattern piece too–I am always worried I’ll cut the piece too short to start with.

    1. Thank you! :) Not to have any racial connotations, but I think there’s too much yellow going on…yellow hair, yellow skin, yellow dress, 😂 haha

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