Fabric Shops in Melbourne – Clear It & The Fabric Shop.

These two shops are next to each other in the suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne, so double the happiness! They are quite easily accessible and only a short walk from the tram station, which we took from our hotel in the CBD. 


This store primarily sells clothes, and I didn’t notice they sell fabric until I saw their window display. 

It is a factory outlet, and initially I walked straight past it (because next door is a proper fabric store).


Then I saw this window display! I wasn’t interested in clothes from this store, but sure I am excited about fabric!


The fabric is in a small section upstairs. Easily missed, but not hard to find if you are looking for it.


Truthfully, they are just bolts and bolts of fabric lumped altogether! They do try to put similar composition fabrics together, but it’s more “buy-what-you-can-find” rather than “buy-what-you’re-looking-for”.


The fabrics are cheap, starting fro$2/m, and most are under $20 or $30/m. There are lining, cotton, synthetics and wool fabrics.


I found Alannah Hill fabrics too! She’s an Australian designer and her boutique stocks feminine, unique pieces. Link to her website for RTW clothes here.


But if you’re looking for a certain composition or print and have something specific in mind – good luck ;)


Great for bargin hunting! There are some cute fabrics and nice woollens too.


Then we strolled to next door – the famous, The Fabric Store! I’ve been to the Auckland branch already (see post here) and am familiar with their layout. I want to visit every store even if they are the same! Actually, they have a branch close to home, in Brisbane (where I live, basically) and I haven’t been. 





Get happy!


Well categorised and the store layout is intuitive and easy to navigate.


Leather corner.


The colour organisation itself is visually satisfying.


Liberty range!


It was difficult to limit myself to just one purchase…


Decided on this! I guess while I love colour, I also like monochrome…


…and horses!




And view of Melbourne from our CBD hotel.


And night view.


Happy times. Fabric is the best souvenir – I will surely remember where I got it from, and when made into garments, those pieces will be extra special to me.



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