Life is not a straight road, it’s Zigzag [Missoni cardigan – McCall’s 6844].

I have a thing for the Italian fashion house Missoni, for their beautiful textiles, prints and fabrics. I made a baby cape with a Missoni for Target cotton blanket before, but I was still thirsty for more. When I saw some Missoni knit fabric in Rome on my honeymoon, I couldn’t help myself and bought some! And when I saw McCall’s 6844 envelope, I knew I’ve found the perfect pattern for it.

  • Pattern: McCall’s 6844, View C, rated ‘Easy’, sized for ‘Petite’.
  • Size made:  ‘Y’ (Xsm – med included), I made size Xs.
  • Pattern pieces: 6 for view C
  • Fabric used: Wool blend [40% wool, 30% polyester, 30% acrylic], 140cm width, 1.5m long, made in Italy, bought in Rome on my honeymoon
  • New Techniques used: First serious pattern matching attempt; First time using knit (tricot) interfacing.
  • Modifications: I reduced the peplum length and corresponding neckband by 6cm due to not enough fabric for pattern matching.


Missoni is famous for their chevron weave. I chose the blue/pink colourway.


I made View C, which has a mullet peplum. Pic from here.


The pattern is rated ‘Easy’ and sized for Petite. However, the only difference is the sleeve and bodice lengths for petite – which is no different to using the shortening/lengthening line. The shoulders and bust areas are the same for regular/petite.


I’m considered petite (5’0″) but when I put the pattern against my body in the mirror, the waistline point falls on my natural waistline, so I didn’t do the petite adjustment for the bodice. I did it for the sleeves (and later found out I didn’t have to, either).


I had just enough fabric for the pattern (1.5m) IF I didn’t have to pattern match. Since I had to, I didn’t have enough and needed to reduce the peplum and neckband length (as marked in the pic).


The reduced peplum sewn together.


Bodice and peplum attached. In the end, I STILL didn’t have enough fabric to make the two front peplum prints symmetrical.


The fabric has a loose weave, and I decided to hand sew the sleeve and peplum hems to maintain tension and make sure it doesn’t fray. All other seams were done on the overlocker.


The neckband with interfaced facing, ready to be joined to the bodice.


The neckband will be folded back lengthwise when worn, to create some kind of ‘lapel’ for the cardigan.


Sleeves attached as well. I did the petite adjustment (shortened) for the sleeves, and in the end it was too short for me. So instead of a 3cm hem (included in pattern), I sewed 1.5cm. In effect, I didn’t need to do any petite adjustments. Which is strange given that I AM petite. As for the print matching, I tried to match the zigzags across the neckband, bodice AND the sleeves – ideally I needed an extra 50cm of fabric to achieve it if I didn’t reduce the peplum.


ZigZag all the way!


Although I’ve reduced the peplum length by 6cm, I think it’s still relatively in proportion, especially because I’m so short.


The pattern says “For moderate stretch knits only’. I guess the sturdier the knit, the more pronounced the peplum. I’d say mine is a medium-fine loose weave knit fabric.


I actually bought another Missoni chevron fabric in the red/black colourway. Dreaming about what to make with that…


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