Fabric Shop in Adelaide, SA – DK Fabrics.

I haven’t been to all of the states within Australia, and I’ve been here for more than 2 decades! Recently, I had the chance to go to Adelaide, South Australia.  We did the usual sight-seeing, vineyard-visiting, wine-tasting activities, on top of work-related stuff. And of course, I took time to visit fabric shops!

DK Fabrics lived up to my expectations when it says it’s the largest independent fabric shop in the state! I spent a “bit” of time there. The ladies there were very nice and helpful, and was happy for me to take lots of pics of their family-run shop.

It is also very easy to get to, just opposite the Adelaide Entertainment Centre which is at the terminus of the tramline, and is within the free tram zone for me (I stayed in the CBD).

End of the tram line.


You’ll see the Entertainment Centre right off the tram station.


Opposite the Entertainment Centre, a block or so away on the other side of the tram track, is the warehouse of fabrics.


It’s big, with lots of different fabric types and compositions available. Reasonable prices. I wouldn’t say they specialise in a particular type of fabric though.


I bought this shimmer floral scuba. I just love how it glimmers in the light. Part of the reason I spent so long in the store, was also because I only allowed myself to get ONE thing only! And this was it~


I want to go back again!



4 thoughts on “Fabric Shop in Adelaide, SA – DK Fabrics.

  1. Aww DK fabrics! I’m from Adelaide originally and even though I haven’t lived there since I learned to sew, I have childhood memories of being dragged to DK fabrics by my mother!!!!! And I love the scuba!!

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