Funky Fungi Dress [Kwik Sew 4111].

My husband and I went to Switzerland for a work conference, and having had the chance to travel I sewed up a few things to wear! First is this dress made from fabric that I bought in Athens when we holidayed there last June/July. I have no idea what the print is, but I’m calling it ‘Funky Fungi’ and referring to my dress as such. Not a very attractive name, haha!

I wanted something easy and comfortable to wear. Kwik Sew 4111 came with the Dressmaker magazine a while back, and being semi-fitted with room to move, it fits the criteria.

  • Pattern: Kwik Sew 4111, View B.
  • Size made:  XS – XL included, I made XS.
  • Pattern pieces: 9 for view B.
  • Fabric used: 100% viscose, 138cm width, 2m length, unknown country of origin, bought in Athens on my trip in 2016
  • New Techniques used: Continuous neckline and armhole facing with sandwiched self-faced semilunar sleeve caps.
  • Modifications: Skirt shortened by 5cm; Added sheer weight interfacing around back invisible zip.


Kwik Sew 4111, suited for lightweight wovens.


I made View B. It has sleeve caps/flanges, overlapped tulip skirt, gathers at waist and pleats on top skirt piece. Pic from here.


9 pieces for view B, including belt. I normally trace my patterns but I already have this one and it came free with a magazine. So I cut the duplicate.


The continuous neckline and armhole facing in construction.


When I had to turn the bodice to the right side, pushing all that material through the narrow ‘tube’ of sewn facing…it was interesting!


The self-faced, semilunar sleeve caps are sandwiched between the top and facing.


Bodice completed.


Tulip mock-wrap skirt completed.


Gathers at the waist to fit the skirt.


Completed garment. Front view.


Side view.


Back view. You can see I made no attempt at pattern matching. I added sheer weight interfacing to the back seams where the zipper halves were stitched onto.  I wanted to stabilise the fabric because the viscose is quite light and soft.


Gathers at the waist, pleats on top skirt piece, and waist tie. These features are not obvious, due to my choice of fabric.


I’m quite happy with how it turned out though.



Travelling always motivate me to sew, because I have a deadline to work with! I made some other things to wear on my trip, currently sorting out photos and hopefully will be able to share soon.


12 thoughts on “Funky Fungi Dress [Kwik Sew 4111].

    1. Thanks Diane! I love the process pics too and that’s why I write the blog posts even though they take so much time! Much easier on instagram but it’s a bit limited there. I’m glad you enjoy them, it means a lot to me!

  1. Your dress is really pretty, the pattern suits you really well and the print gives an additioned interest. I love the construction explanations you are giving, too! Lovely pictures, you look beautiful!

    1. Lovely to see you here Sasa! Thanks for dropping by! I wasn’t sure about the print at first, not knowing what it is but I thought why not? I’m only half-hearted at giving “explanations” on construction, more like snippets and musings!

  2. You look so beautiful in this dress, Sil! I love the fabric and it looks so soft I thought it was jersey when I saw it on Instagram. A lovely wardrobe piece, and such pretty colours too!

    1. Thank you Helen! Jersey would probably work for this dress too, though I’m a bit scared of knits in general… Yes the viscose is soft!

  3. I’ve never sewn a Kwik Sew garment before. Was it in fact a quick sew? It looks like a fair amount of work went into it. I LOVE this fabric, though. You’ve got such a great eye for fabulous prints. Great photos, as always.

    1. It’s pretty quick, I guess depends on the pattern, but generally good instructions and illustrations. I wasn’t sure about the fabric at first, seems like it’s not too bad in the end :)

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