Drape Back Cardigan [McCall’s 7441].

A girl’s best friend is…a wool cardigan. It keeps you warm and covered, protect from the elements, can be stashed in bottom of bag or worn everyday for weeks… I made one in the softest merino wool.

  • Pattern: McCall’s 7441, View C.
  • Size made:  Size Y (xsml – med included), I made size xsml.
  • Pattern pieces: 3 for view C.
  • Fabric used:  100% merino wool, 148cm width, 2.2m length, made in New Zealand, bought from The Fabric Store.
  • New Techniques used: First time using coverstitch machine.
  • Modifications: Gathered top of sleeve.


McCall’s 7441, a “For Knits Only” pattern.


I made View C. Pic from here.


Only 3 pattern pieces!!


The drape at the back is created by stitching a seam perpendicular to a folded edge, creating a cone.


Front and back joined.


Sewing the sleeve. There was some excess fabric at the top of the sleeve that was not mentioned in the instructions, so I gathered before inserting them.


And I used my coverstitch machine for the first time on this garment. I have shared this garment before in my post about the coverstitch machine.


Finished. I didn’t take long to make.






I like to wear it untied, but tied it in one of the pics to honour the original design :)









It’s the first time I’ve sewn a plain fabric and a practical garment. While perhaps not as exciting, I have no doubt that out of all the garments I’ve made, I will wear this one the most.



8 thoughts on “Drape Back Cardigan [McCall’s 7441].

  1. Awesome! Are you going to enter this cardi in the #cozycardi challenge on instagram? I think there are prizes. I hope to finish my cardigan/coatigan this week (maybe tonight?!). How are you liking your coverstitch machine? I recommend the Crafty Class by Gail something called Coverstitch Basics and Beyond. I think I bought the class for $20 and it’s proved very useful. I prefer your version untied, too. It’s cooler that way. Isn’t it funny how the garments that get worn the most are the basic useful pieces, but it’s more fun to sew party dresses in bold prints!

    1. Hi Carmen. I did enter it into the challenge but to me it’s just for fun, I don’t think I’ll ever win prizes! I loooove your coatigan, makes me want to make a maxi outer some time! Coverstitching is going ok but I still haven’t tried it on neckbands. See how it goes!

      1. I still haven’t tried it on neckbands, either, but I’ve heard that it’s really important to use a fusible knit stabilizer tape along the neckline first, and then to use a 1/4″ stay tape when you fold the neckline over. I used this method using a double twin needle on my regular sewing machine and the neckline turned out beautifully.

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