The Pink Panther [Sewaholic Pendrell].

I bought this pink animal-print fabric on sale (and used my store voucher so it was essentially free), because it has a good weight and feel to it. Only when I got home did I realise, the print is not really me! I have never worn leopard print garments, let alone a pink one. But, I think sewing makes you try new things – patterns, shapes and prints – so I made a top out of the fabric and hope it looks alright on me. 

  • Pattern: Sewaholic #1001 “Pendrell” blouse, View B
  • Size made:  Size 0-16 included, I made size 0 (probably should have gone up a size).
  • Pattern pieces: 8 for view B.
  • Fabric used:  100% polyester stretch crepe, 145cm width, 1m length, made in China, bought from Lincraft.
  • New Techniques used: Sandwiching ruffles into seams.
  • Modifications: Reduced bottom hem by 5cm.


The pattern – the iconic indie pattern Sewaholic Pendrell. I’ve wanted it since it was released in 2010 even though I haven’t started dressmaking again then.


I made View B (top right), which has a layer of ruffles sandwiched between the princess seams, and ruffled cap sleeves. Pic from here.


Eight pattern pieces for View B.


The pattern suggests 2 yards of fabric, but I only had one metre. I had to cut the neck and armhole bias strips slightly off bias grain.


The front panel and the two ruffles.


Cutting the bias strips off-bias posed problems – I think the armhole is a little too tight because of it. Not enough stretch.


Completed top. It is surprisingly fitted. I checked the pattern envelope for finished garment measurements information, and it shouldn’t feel this tight…maybe it’s got to do with the fabric I used (a medium weight crepe with limited stretch), or perhaps my seam allowances were a smidgen too big. Or I stretched the fabric while sewing it.


The gathering of ruffles was a bit difficult, because the fabric was medium weight. I should have listened to the pattern suggestions.


The crepe also frayed a LOT, so overlocking the cut edges is a must (for me using this fabric).


I followed the pattern instructions where the armhole facing/bias strip was applied BEFORE the side seams were sewn. Which means there is a cut edge/joint at bottom of the armhole. I’m used to finishing the armscye in the round AFTER the side seams are sewn, so it is smooth and continuous.


This pattern has no closures and is a pull-over top. Having tight armholes made it quite difficult for me to put this top on!


Because it was quite fitted, I can only wear it tucked into a high waisted skirt (this one here is RTW).



That was a fun experiment, still don’t know how I feel about the print, but I do like the shape of it.  If I make it again, I’ll definitely cut the bias strips on true bias, and I probably would go up a size too.


7 thoughts on “The Pink Panther [Sewaholic Pendrell].

    1. Thanks! I originally wanted to make one to pair with jeans but this one is too fitted to wear over jeans and I don’t like tucking my tops into jeans. So maybe I’ll make a looser one one day!

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