Dots ‘n’ Roses [Butterick 6323].

I am terrible at mixing prints – so when I saw this fabric by Gertie that already has polka dots AND roses, I snapped it up! It’s also a border print, what a bonus. I paired the fabric with Gertie’s pattern Butterick 6323. 

  • Pattern: Butterick 6323, a Gertie pattern, rated ‘average’ in difficulty. I made View A.
  • Size made:  Size 6-14 included, I made size 6.
  • Pattern pieces: 5 for view A.
  • Fabric used:  Cotton Sateen by Gertie, 97% cotton, 3% spandex; 145cm width, 2.5m length, made in China, bought from Spotlight. Lining also from Spoglight.
  • New Techniques used: Boned bodice; Lapped zipper; First lined garment.
  • Modifications: Added dart at front neckline; Added 5cm to bow ends; Increased shoulder seam by 2cm; Reduced side seam by 2.5cm; Skirt shortened by 5cm; Omitted seam tape for skirt hem (by accident); Shoulder changed from left to right side (also by accident).


Butterick 6323. It has a one-shoulder design, side zipper, and gathered skirt. I made View A which has a shoulder bow.


I don’t have any one-shoulder garment in my closet! This pattern makes me step out of my comfort zone. I made View A, I love the bow! Pic from here.


5 pattern pieces for view A. In the original pattern, the shoulder and bow is on the left side of the person when worn, but I cut my bodice pieces with the right side of the print facing down, and it is an asymmetrical design that can’t just be flipped backwards – hence, the shoulder and bow is on the opposite side (right shoulder) on mine.


Lots of gathering – the skirt is huge.


My very first lapped zipper. I had to look up sewing reference books and Youtube videos to complete this step. Not very neat, but well, hopefully my subsequent ones will improve.


The boning with casing has been sewn to either side of the zip. They will be covered by the bodice lining.


The boning is sewn to the darted lining. This is also my first time sewing boning and casing – it’s quite fiddly!


The lining is hand-sewn to the outer fabric.


The shoulder bow is sewn on as well. This is how the inside of the garment looks.


Completed. The skirt is cut on cross-grain to utilise the border of roses at the bottom. The bodice and bow uses the top border of roses of the fabric. I added a small dart at the front as the pattern is probably drafted for a B or C cup, and there was just too much space which I couldn’t fill, haha.


The line of roses across the body is continuous (I tried to pattern match at the side seam).


The back. I lengthened the bow ends at both the front and back. I bought seam tape, but forgot to sew it in the skirt hem as I overlooked the instructions. Oops.


The bow has a loop and dangly end at the front, and no loop at the back. It is slightly pleated in the middle at shoulder seam.



This pattern took me a while to sew because I am slow with trying new techniques. I probably should practise them on scrap fabric, but I didn’t – pure laziness. This dress is way more feminine than what I normally wear, but because I made it, I’ll wear it!



8 thoughts on “Dots ‘n’ Roses [Butterick 6323].

    1. Thank you Helen! I just paired Gertie pattern and Gertie fabrics, they’re made for each other! I’m glad you like it 😄😄 and thanks for your kind words as always!

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