The Festive Dress [Simplicity 1006].

I try to make something to wear for the Christmas/New Year period (see last year’s here), so here is this year’s.  I realised I haven’t sewn any red clothes yet, so I decided to make one.

  • Pattern:  Simplicity 1006, a “Project Runway Junior” pattern, View A.
  • Size made:  D5 (Size 4-12 included), I made size 4 (turned out to be too small – read on).
  • Pattern pieces: 9 pieces for View A.
  • Fabric used:  Crepe-back Satin, 100% polyester, 114cm width, 4.5m length, Made in Korea, bought from Spotlight.
  • New Techniques used: First time self-drafting and making loops and lacing (I modified the back).
  • Modifications: Converted back zipper to lacing; Sewn pleats down to decrease puffiness in bodice; Eliminated sash; Shortened sleeves by 15cm; Reduced skirt hem by 8cm.


Simplicity 1006. I just went with the fabric they used on the pattern envelope.


I made View A, the maxi-dress version. Without the sash. Pic from here.


9 pattern pieces. I ended up eliminating the sash, so I used 8 of the 9.


4.5m of wine-coloured, crepe-backed satin here, folded in half.


Bodice done. I sewed down the pleats near the shoulder and waist to reduce puffiness.


I also reduced tension setting on the sewing machine due to the drapey, lightweight nature of the fabric.
Then, horror horror – the bodice backs didn’t meet in the centre back! I should have cut a size 6 instead of 4.


I simply can’t just sew the zip in. I had to widen the back. I decided to try lacing. So I pinned the back opening to allow space.


I then made an interfaced panel, and long narrow tubes for the loops and tie, all from scraps. Turning the tube inside out was the most time-consuming part.


The panel has to be long and wide enough to go underneath the lacing and cover the skin.


I wanted the criss-crossing to have some height to them, so I sewn the loops at 4cm intervals (as opposed to back-to-back).


One side of loops done. The loops on the left here were sandwiched between the original back bodice piece, and one side of the panel.


The loops on the right were sewn directly to the corresponding back bodice piece (with some interfacing in between). So the panel is sewn on the left and open on the right, to allow me getting into and out of the garment.


Finished garment. I added some lace applique and rhinestones to one side of the neckline. I also reduced the sleeve and hem lengths to suit my stature.


This is probably the favourite part of the garment for me.


There is a split in the skirt on the left.


The back view.


The waist is more defined due to the pleats being sewn down in the upper and lower bodice areas. Otherwise it looks too blouse-y on my frame.


This dress is definitely not my usual style. But it was really fun to make something different.









This dress with the back modification really thrown my sewing schedule and plans out the window – it took so, so much longer than I expected! 



13 thoughts on “The Festive Dress [Simplicity 1006].

    1. Thanks Susan. I’m sure there is a proper way to do it, probably involves sewing the loops into a lining. It does take a long time but I might do a proper lace-back one day!

  1. The back looks amazing, Sil! What a way to turn a problem into a victory. The lacing at the back is so beautiful, and I think it’s much nicer than a zip! Also great idea to sew down some of the pleats. Even if it’s not your usual style, you made it work for you and it looks truly stunning and very festive.

  2. I really like the pleat modifications. The miduff area looks great with the added definition. But it is the gorgeous back that wows me too….love the lacing detail Sil! Such a glamorous dress and you look stunning!

    1. Thanks so much Diane! At first I thought the lace back would be a bit too fussy, with the pleats and flowy sleeves and maxi length and red satin…but then i thought why not? It’s a special occasion dress! Haha 😀😀

  3. Gosh, what a dress and what a headache of a project! Glad you go there in the end and it must have taken all your patience to make the loops for the lacing. I also like the white lace and beads appliqué, give the dress a “lift”. Hope you have fun wearing it!!!

    1. Yes, I wasn’t going to waste that 4.5m of fabric! We can always improvise. Maybe in the future I’ll shorten the dress and get more wear out of it. I don’t exactly wear long satiny dresses much 😂😂

      1. Hehe it always seems such a shame to be cutting into a luxurious dress…. but if it’s more wearable 🤷🏻‍♀️ time to book the opera / !ballet outing!

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