Denim Hobby Apron [Simplicity 1140].

My husband has been wanting an apron for his hobby for a while (might be a hint for me to get or make one for him?), so I made one for him for his birthday this year.

  • Pattern:  Simplicity 1140, a “Swing patterns for Dummies” pattern, View C.
  • Size made:  One size.
  • Pattern pieces: 8 pieces for all views, I only used two (apron body and pocket).
  • Fabric used:  Indigo Denim, 100% cotton, 170cm width, 1m length, made in China, bought from Spotlight. Straps are cotton twill (3.5m per colour), and buckles and clasps all from Spotlight. Grommets bought in Japan.
  • New Techniques used: Setting grommets; Sewing denim; Sewing vinyl (on buckles).
  • Modifications: Replaced sewn straps with buckles, clasps and grommets; Lengthened apron by 25cm; Eliminated pocket decoration; Made interchangeable straps.


Simplicity 1140. One size apron. I lengthened it by 25cm since my hubby probably wants more coverage and protection.


I made View C pockets. Pic from here.


First time using my Clover Wonderclips – love them! The triple layered denim was too difficult to pin, and I’ve bent a few trying to do it.


I only used 2 of the 8 pieces of the pattern. Just the apron body and the pocket.


The topstitching didn’t look great. Because (1) my domestic, basic machine couldn’t really handle the thick, multi-layered denim, and (2), I used what I had on hand – a rayon decorative thread – which kept breaking as I sewed. Polyester or nylon thread would have been stronger.


I decided to replace sewn straps with ready-made cotton twill tape and buckles+clasps.


First time sewing vinyl, it was hard to make it neat (and it wasn’t very neat – but doesn’t matter).


Grommets bought during my recent trip to Osaka. I can’t read Japanese but the instructions seemed to ask for me to cut some thicker fabric to go in between the top and bottom pieces, using the template provided. So I did with some scrap pieces of felt.


Setting grommets. Love that I don’t need a hammer…


With the straps looped through the grommets then tied at the back, the apron is finished.


I modelled the apron on my mannequin, but it is modified to suit a male frame and it looks better on my hubby.


I think my hubby appreciated the extra touches (buckles, clasps, grommets).


Interchangeable straps.


The ties can be knotted at the front if desired. Pockets for random pens, tools, towels…


My husband likes making models, so it involves all sorts of cutting, drilling, glueing, painting, sanding, spraying, varnishing etc.


Placed in gift box – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR! Made with love.


Next, I’m back to sewing things for myself! Haha…


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