Botanical Delight [Burda 6957].

I previously bought a few maternity patterns on sale, and since entering my third trimester I finally started sewing them. I realise I won’t be able to get through them all, as my usual sewing rate is one garment a month, and there are only so many months (and only so much energy) during pregnancy! 

I like Burda 6957, a maternity and true wrap-style pattern. with optional ruffles. There are pleats across the front bodice and upper skirt to accommodate the bump, and a waist tie to accentuate the under-bust which probably is the narrowest part of the trunk for an expectant lady.  I also have a thing for 3/4 sleeves – I’m forever rolling up my long sleeves, and I like my wrists free. Although when I need to wear a long sleeve coat over it, I need to smooth them from scrunching up underneath. 


  • Pattern: Burda 6957, a maternity pattern, rated “Average” in difficulty, View A.
  • Size made: Sizes Eur 24-46 / US 8-20 included, I made size 8.
  • Pattern pieces: 11 pieces for view A.
  • Fabric used: Ponte knit, 80% polyester, 17% rayon, 3% spandex. 148cm width, 2m length, made in China, bought from Spotlight.
  • New Techniques used: Nil.
  • Modifications: Lengthened sleeves; Hand-stitched all neck and skirt facings to bodice and skirt pieces; Top-stitched waist ties; Reduced skirt length by 4cm, Eliminated thread loops; Hand-stitched skirt hem in place.


Burda 6957, with my ponte knit fabric. I love sewing with this sturdy, easy-to-handle material.


I made View A (top view).


Eleven pieces for view A. The front bodice and skirt pieces are not the same (the pleats are on the top layer of the wrap only), hence more pieces.


Constructing the front bodice outer piece. The pleats converge to a point.


I understitched and hand-sewn the (continuous) neck facing down on the bodice pieces.


Bodice made.


Overlapping the skirt pieces, sandwiching one faced outer layer between the facing and main piece of the bottom layer, before turning.




I like the angled pleats on the bodice and skirt, but essentially they will be stretched out by the bump, and also covered by the waist tie.


Completed garment.


A true wrap pattern. The bottom layers have no pleats.


Hand-stitched the facing to the bodice pieces.


Back view.


This being a wrap style would be somewhat nursing friendly and fine to wear as non-maternity.



“Pollination” at The Calyx, The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.



Our time in Sydney is coming to an end – I leave next week! One year has gone by so quickly. We’re glad to have seen a few beautiful sights around the city, in between work and life commitments. And the several garments I’ve sewn will serve as memories of our time here.


14 thoughts on “Botanical Delight [Burda 6957].

  1. What a beautiful post Sil! And I haven’t sewn during my pregnancy nearly as much as I assumed that I would! It’s the tiredness that gets me 😴. I love this dress on you and the setting is so beautiful, so it matches you perfectly! 🌺 That pattern placement is really lovely too.

    1. Thanks so much Brooke! You have been very productive! Maybe I knew I had to move and have a very busy last 2 months, so I was motivated to sew more beforehand. But gosh, the 😴😴😴😴😴 is real.

    1. Thanks Allison! Photo credits to hubby. The garden is amazing! This is a seasonal exhibition that runs til August. The outside (more permanent) gardens are nice too

  2. Thanks, but the right front pleats confused me. I don’t know how to fit them correctly
    Can you show me please

    1. Hi Charlotte. Do you have issues with the construction or fitting of the pleats? To make them I just followed the instructions, pinning and sewing the pleats always with the right sides together. To “fit” them I simply brought the whole pleated front across to the left following the curves of the body – the beauty of a wrap style.

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