Magnolia & Medallions [McCall’s 6703].

I have recently gone through my fabric stash again since I had to change their storage location. I came across a few of my honeymoon fabrics and decided I must use them soon! I picked this stretchy fabric bought in Rome to use (the one on top). 

  • Pattern: McCall’s 6703, rated “Easy” in difficulty, I made View D dress with View C sleeves.
  • Size made: Y: Sizes Xsm-Med included, I made size XS (equivalent to US size 4-6).
  • Pattern pieces: 3 pieces for View D. 
  • Fabric used: Polyester Spandex, [92% polyester, 8% spandex], 145cm width, 2m length, made in Italy, bought in Rome on my honeymoon in Rome.
  • New Techniques used: First time tacking folds/pleats at the front, there were 20.
  • Modifications:
    • Hand-sewn neckline facing down onto bodice
    • Narrowed sleeves in the underarm area, to slightly reduce the batwing effect
    • Shortened sleeves by 5cm
    • Reduced sides by total of 12cm circumference at the waist area. There was a lot of ease.
    • Sewed less dress hem seam allowance, thus effectively increasing dress length by about 1cm.


McCall’s 6703, rated “Easy” in difficulty. It looks very comfortable to wear, and the low deep-v is perfect for nursing. I also like that the front pleats in the torso area skim the tummy while emphasising curves in the chest area, which makes for a flattering shape overall.


I made View D (dress length), with View C sleeves. The sleeves are batwings and are not set-in.

Only 3 pattern pieces! Gotta love that! But there are 20 pleats at the centre front, and it takes a bit of time to transfer the markings onto the fabric.


After sewing the neckline facing and understitching it, I also hand-sewn it down onto the bodice piece to keep it in place.


This is everything sewn together except the pleats, before my minor modifications on the sleeves, sides and dress hem.


There are 20 pleats in total in the centre front. I folded and sewed them in place one by one as I worked from one end to the other.


Then I gathered them all together and sewed a few stitches through the whole thickness.


The front becomes like this after the pleats were sewn in place. This is after I took out approximately 12cm of fabric in the waist circumference area, as there was too much ease for my liking. The ease is great if the pattern is made into a top. It’s a different look.


Completed garment. Overall it is an easy and relatively quick sew. I shortened the sleeves, and also ‘lengthened’ the dress hem by sewing less seam allowance.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention while cutting out the fabric, and I’ve given myself coin boobs. FAIL… My husband says it’s not obvious, but I’m not convinced…I cannot unsee it! 🥇🥉

And coin buttcheeks too! How CLEVER am I!! 😂😂🤣


I roadtested this dress, and it really is super comfortable. I wore this “honeymoon fabric” dress with my wedding shoes. They seem to go together!


My sewing queue has grown longer and longer since my hobby time is quite restricted lately. It is very difficult to decide what to make next. I also have a few unfinished projects which are taking up space in my craft area. Hmmmm…decisions decisions! I’m hoping to be able to sew a bit over the Christmas period. But I’m starting work again next week after my maternity break, so I’ll have to see how I go. I wish everyone a merry and safe time leading up to the new year. 🎄✨🎊


7 thoughts on “Magnolia & Medallions [McCall’s 6703].

  1. Sil you look amazing, I would not have guessed that you ever had a baby! I cannot see the coin boobs but the coin butt made me laugh. Honestly though I only noticed it because you pointed it out in the post! Hope all well with you x

    1. Same to you Kate! Well I naturally chose pics where the coin boobs are least obvious, but trust me at some angles it’s so in your face! I guess the maker is usually more critical of these things tho.

  2. Stunning dress and great that you got to use your honeymoon fabric. It seems quite unusual to sew the pleats in last, but it’s so interesting to see the dress magically take shape after that step. I’m not seeing coin boobs either (lol at that phrase!), you are right that you will notice these things more than anyone else.

    1. I agree with you Allison! Usually pleats and darts and the like are sewn first before the pieces are assembled. And I’m glad you think the pattern placement isn’t too noticeable!

  3. Such a beautiful dress! I loved the “coin butt” comment too, although it’s not too noticeable to be honest. I think wearing this dress with your wedding shoes 👰🏻💗is a nice touch and I loved the fabric + pattern combination. It really suits you! x

    1. Thanks Brooke! I so think in reality people don’t notice these things (unless they are sewists or designers) especially when it’s worn in action. 😬 That’s what I’m hoping anyway. And i deliberately didn’t choose white wedding shoes at the time so I can wear them again 🤩!

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